Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woeful Spotlight: Vikki

Mug of Woe is very close to going to press! Leading up to the big release date we’re going to shine the spotlight on each of our contributors.  And who better to kick off the spotlights than our cover designer, Vikki?  Here are her answers to our frivolous questions. 

How did you get the inspiration for the cover style? 
I spoke with Jenn about the whole idea of a book filled with stories about how shitty  life can be sometimes. So I thought, great, a giant mug with stuff spilling everywhere. There’s the cover.

Give us a tale of your own personal woe.  
My woe was a booty kind of woe. I was driving over to this guy’s house for a booty call. While I was primping in the car, I reached into my purse and pulled out my lip gloss. I put it on, but when I rubbed my lips together they didn’t slide like they always did with this lip gloss. I thought maybe I left the cover off of it and it dried up. I put the interior light on to look in the rearview mirror. My lips were black. I had put on my mascara instead of my lip gloss. The tubes were the same size. I freaked out trying to wipe the mascara off my lips. I was so happy that I had a wetnap in my purse. I was able to clean up, apply the right lip gloss and get to my destination all while still driving.

What was the best prank you ever pulled on someone? 
The best prank, huh? Well I guess that would have to be one time I asked Jenn to review a “promotional flyer” I designed for a client.  Instead, Jenn got a PowerPoint slide show of all of her various cubicle stuffed animals posed in different positions. I didn’t act alone. Our co-worker Jason helped (OK, it was really all his idea). I captured a stunning picture of Jason riding Jenn’s sparkled stuffed pony. 

(Note from Jenn:  After that day, Sparkly Pony never was the same.)

Pimp yourself -- what else are you working on? 
I’ve been working a lot on taking it to eleven.