Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Woeful Spotlight: Sue MacDonald

This week's spotlight is on contributor Sue MacDonald, and her badass dog Marigold  (mostly Marigold). 
Your bio claims you are occasionally mistaken for Lisa Kudrow.  If you had been written into the show Friends, what would your character be?  
I would be the inspiration for Phoebe's new song - "Crusty people live by the beach"
You have a dog named Marigold.  How did she get her name?
She came with it, but it fits. Like the flower, she looks pretty but smells funny.  Also, they both scare away Japanese beetles.
 If someone was to grant you superpowers, what would they be? 
I would be able to bend a person's mind to my will.  I would make people give me gifts and flowers and drive me anywhere I'd want. (This is a most excellent superpower for the freeways of SoCal.) Oh, and money.  People would give me money.
If someone was to grant Marigold superpowers, what would they be?
 She doesn't need superpowers to bend a person mind to her will.  She just shows them her teeth.  People are thrown by a dog named after a flower with really sharp teeth.  

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