Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Release Madness!

'Da Editors:  Jenn and Kyle
We’ll be continuing with the Mug of Woe writers’ spotlights next week, but we have a few very important announcements!  

July 15th was an important day for Team Mug off Woe – it was our book release party at  the Lansdowne Pub!  The evening was uproarious, diabolical, and dare we say….magical? (it could have just have been the sangria that made it seem magical.) Check out pics of the release party on the Mug of Woe Facebook Fan Page! 
Even more exciting, Mug of Woe -- the book of your dreams (and all the contributors’ nightmares),  is finally available to buy on Amazon!   We also have some very exciting things planned, such as book readings, podcasts, and more interviews with our contributors!  Stay tuned! 

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