Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woeful Spotlight: Ede Salvadore

So, your essay was about one of your worst traveling experiences, so what's the best one you've had so far?
Hmm....the rest of the time in Spain, other than the journey home, was awesome...another great experience was traveling in Moab, Utah. I fell in love with the desert, cliffs, and canyons; coming from Massachusetts, it was like being in a different world. I'd probably have to say my favorite travel experience was the day I spent in the Cayman Islands while on a cruise with three of my girlfriends. The water was beautiful, crystal clear, and warm. We spent the day paragliding and swimming in the ocean. I was so tempted to not get back on the ship.

If you could've said anything to that mean old lady on your train, what would've you've said?
I don't know if you will print what I wanted to say to her :)

If you could have dinner with anyone (past, present, dead, alive, famous, imaginary, etc) who would you choose and why?
Wayne Dyer. I just love him. He's so spiritual and peaceful...his programs and books have changed how I live my life. He teaches how to come from a place of love, and how we can create what we want in our lives, regardless of what happened in our pasts. I think he's so empowering and he is a huge inspiration to me. 

We hear you're big into animals. What's your favorite kind animal? Why?
Dogs and cats are my favorites. I love animals because they're innocent and genuine, like a young child. They just want to's like they're above all the ego and drama we humans create in our lives. They appreciate simple things and accept you just as you are without judgment. 

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