Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Woeful Spotlight: Jennifer Packard

This week's spotlight is on Jennifer Packard, whose Woe of the Road essay shows the downside of being stuck in a ditch. Like there's really an upside though.

If you were a car, what type of car would you be?
Probably a Prius since I'm all environmentally friendly and like to sneak up on people.

Name another instance where you've been stuck in an unwanted place?

One time I was volunteering at an animal shelter and the janitor lost his keys to get in. He needed someone who could fit through the office window to unlock the door, and I ended up being the smallest of all the volunteers. I stuck my legs in first but couldn't slide in, so thought I'd bend and squeeze my head and top part in. Not a smart move with my bum hanging out the other side of the window and the volunteers laughing and trying to push me through.  Being stuck in that position reminded me of Winnie the Pooh when he got stuck in Rabbit's hole. All they had to do was paint a face on my bum and put a plant on top for decoration. Not my proudest moment.

After being rescued by a woman named Cher, which celebrity would you really want to be rescued by?

Well I was going to say Johnny Depp for obvious reasons. But I have to go with Liam Neeson (for the same obvious reasons) but also after seeing The Grey and watching him lead men stranded in the Artic and take on a pack of ferocious wolves, I'm firmly convinced he could easily pull my friend's car out of the ditch, probably with his bare hands, rescue us both and have no problem taking on their fearless police Bassett Hound.

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