Monday, June 4, 2012

Woeful Spotlight: Kathy Adam

This week's spotlight is on Kathy Adam. Her stories in Woe of the Road are cautionary tales about the dangers of getting lost on a road trip with a very hungry friend.

Your friend in your essays sounds like she gets hungry a lot. Does she have a tapeworm?

Yes, she does! She should know by now to carry healthy snacks and a have an 800 page book in case I'm running late.

Have you bought a GPS yet?

No. I refuse to buy a GPS but I do own a Boston map which is 257 pages. It was a good investment since I was moving out here. It remains in my car to this day. I'm surprised I haven't received a GPS for a gift by now.

You have visited Germany. What was your favorite memory of that vacation?

I went on one of those 36 day European Tours after graduating from college. My vaguest memories are from Germany. We were in Germany during Oktoberfest. I do remember spending most of my time in a beerhall drinking beer and eating pretzels. I do have a souvenir beer stein and an Oktoberfest hat (picture a mug of beer you wear on your head). Pictures of the event have been burned. Surprisingly I found our tour bus at the end of the day.

Why do you hate The Grapes of Wrath? It’s a classic!

I know it’s a classic but I hate it! Apologies to all writers but this is the original Woe of the Road Story in American Literature. And their luck doesn't improve once they get to sunny California. I cringe when I see the book in the bookstore or when the movie is on. This hatred goes back to a College English class. There is a chapter devoted to a turtle crossing the road. I've considered trying to read it again but haven't worked up the courage to tackle this novel.

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