Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woeful Spotlight: Mike Dlugos

This week’s spotlight is Mike Dlugos (brother to Woe editor Jenn) who chronicled a harrowing canoe expedition with his college Outing Club in Woe of the Road. Deliverance references, a-plenty.

What was your record for the most people lost during a drive to/from an Outing Club destination?

In the pre-walkie-talkie age, I would say ten. I think on one trip, two cars decided to stop for liquor and we didn’t see them again for a couple of hours.

In your essay, our ever-colorful Grandpa called one of your friends "Cider Barrel." What was your favorite car ride with Grandpa?

I would have to say the half-hour argument between Grandpa and Grandma about the use of helicopters in traffic enforcement. The debate centered around whether or not the helicopter actually lands and pulls people over, with the helicopter pilot coming out to give out speeding tickets.

You walked The Northville-Placid trail. Tell us your favorite memory from that experience.

The Northville-Placid trail is a 150 mile north-south trail through Adirondack Park. My favorite experience was at a place called South Lake in the West Canada Creek Wilderness. The lean-to was located near the lake and a gusty breeze kept the black flies away. There was also a natural beach that allowed us to go swimming in the picturesque, mountain-encircled lake at twilight. We also have fond memories of using a particular outhouse with a “seat” that was simply a 3-inch piece of wood that you had to lean on – not one of my more beautiful memories of the trail, but definitely one of the more humorous ones.

What is your dream nature vacation?

I think that would have to be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, which passes through so many neat habitats on its way to the top, including its now-endangered snow cap.

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