Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Woeful Spotlight: Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan is a Rhode Island writer, actor, and film guru. His essay in Woe of the Road provides valuable safety information on surviving an attack by Bearzilla.

You are very active in the Rhode Island film community.  What was the strangest character you ever played in a film? 

I once played a serial killing priest with a punctuality fetish and a taste for human flesh. Eating fake skin off a naked woman who was playing dead was pretty odd. Because of my height, I’ve also played a lot of butlers, but that’s not nearly as weird.

An alien from outer space is on your front porch.  What three questions would you ask it? 

How was your flight? Why has it been so long since you visited? Want a beer?

Who would win in a Godzilla vs. Bearzilla showdown? 
Bearzilla, claws down. How old is Godzilla, anyway? He’s gotta be getting on in years, and ready for the geriatric league.

Promote yourself.  Where else can we find your work?  

Mike wrote a monthly technology column for Providence Monthly called Technobabble and currently writes a regular column on local film events for Motif Magazine in Providence. Any day now, you’ll be able watch his work on screen too at the Showcase. Just need to get Tom Cruise on board. Any day now.

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