Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Woeful Spotlight: Kristen Caisse

Kristen's story in All Woe Great and Small stresses the importance of fire safety...namely, having a fireman in the family who will give you CPR when your dog destroys your house. 

Your puppy Miller destroyed your house on Christmas Eve. Tell us another memorable Miller story.

One day we left Miller home alone out on our sun porch, it was only for an hour or so but when we got home Miller had eaten through the wall. Literally through the wall - as in you could almost get outside from the hole. We are guessing he just want to go outside and play, or saw a squirrel.

On that fateful Christmas Eve, your husband (a firefighter) came to your rescue in his emergency vehicle. Were there any other times his rescue training came in handy in your house?
My husband is very handy in general so that has definitely helped in repairing all of Miller's destruction. His rescue training has come in handy by being able to calm me down whenever I wanted to kill Miller.

If an extra-terrestrial crash landed his spaceship on your porch, what would Miller's reaction be to it?

He would probably run over, sniff it...lick it, then sit on its lap.

If you were to write Miller's autobiography, what would it be titled?

It Was Like That When I Got Here

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