Monday, June 3, 2013

Seeking Funny Dating Stories!

Attention all writers! Because we believe in second chances, we have reopened our Woes of Dating submissions until the end of June! So, if you slacked off and missed the deadline the first time, get your booty in gear and get us a funny essay by the end of the month.

Ah the joys of dating. Sadly we've all been there. But, awesomely enough our dating adventures make for highly entertaining stories. Or at least we think they do! Which is why the sassy creators of the award-winning Mug of Woe series are stoked to announce we are reopening submissions for our newest love child: The Woes of Dating!

If you have a TRUE, hilarious, awkward, or downright embarrassing story about dating experiences gone horribly wrong, we want to read it! Any dating experience is fair game, including the time your blind date showed up with her ventriloquist doll or tried to take you to a cemetery. Now's your chance to dish the dirt on your douchy ex who wouldn't let you crash at his place when you lost power for three days (A story Kyle knows all too well).
Ready to submit your story to us? Here's what you need to do: 
  • Keep essays to 1200 words or less
  • Please format your piece on a word document using the following:
    • Veranda 10 point font
    • Single spaced
  • Include a one-paragraph bio with your submission and a funky picture you don't mind us posting on this site
  • All contributors receive a copy of the book
  • Email your essays to by June 30, 2013


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