Monday, June 3, 2013

Woeful Spotlight: Bambi Marangio

Bambi’s stories in All Woe Great and Small share important life lessons, like how to perform CPR on a kitty, and how one incredible turtle can save the day.  
Your stories were about miraculous animals. Can you share with us another story about your miracle kitty, Silver?
Silver is still alive and well. She turned black and white now, oddly is no longer Silver and white, but we kept her name. We have another cat, Sven, who showed up on our porch a few years back. So, we got him vaccinated and neutered. Rugged Sven is the outdoors’ type. He is a big Tom Cat who protects the house in his own way - he returns often a bit bloody and beaten up. Silver sits with him on the porch, licks his wounds, and comforts Sven every time! She is a sweetheart! Silver awaits her human boy, Cody, to return every few months from Johns Hopkins University - she always remembers her life saving friend and goes directly to him purring away. After all, they grew up together. Perhaps they should get a car commercial like that guy and his dog over the years.
You have done animal rescues and pet therapy. What is one of your favorite stories from these experiences?
The best Pet Therapy story was when this little, old grumpy man in a Nursing Home wouldn't talk to anyone - for 3 years! - until I showed him my dog, PJ, a big black Chow mix that I had in the hallway. The man, known for his extremely mean personality, actually smiled, called the dog in, and I followed. After that moment, PJ and I visited him regularly. Mr. J. became a great friend of mine. He had a lot of life stories to tell, and I understood his feelings. He was an angry African-American gentleman, who gave this blonde girl and her dog a chance. His anger was justified, and he continued to yell at others as a defense mechanism. But I got to know the real Mr. J., thanks to a friendly dog of mine. Animals are miraculous!
If Crayola named a crayon after you, what would it be called, and what color would it be?
I would be a mixture of Blue and Purple. Ease, Ocean, and Royalty. Crayola would have to call it, Bambi's Aura.
Promote yourself. Where else can we find more of your writing?
I have two articles/poems in Creative FORECASTING MAGAZINE.
Also, I ghostwrite, so no one ever knows where I may be! Lots of Comedy, but what do you expect with a name like Bambi?

I am currently proofreading a children's book - written by a 10 year old - about her true experiences in a school. It makes me laugh and cry to read the journal that this kid kept for 1 year. Everyone should be aware of what goes on in some classrooms in America - through the eyes of a child! True feelings and perceptions.

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