About the Editors

Kyle Therese Cranston is a Boston-based copywriter who is just an all around awesome person. Besides writing and working on trying to get her first novel published, Kyle likes to spend her time watching funny movies, dork dancing, drinking wine, eating chocolate, making people laugh with her tales of woe, and finding ways to become just famous enough so she can guest star as a talking head of herself on Futurama someday.

Jenn Dlugos is an award-winning comedian, writer, and filmmaker. She was one of five finalists in the Lifetime Television's Unscripted Development Pipeline and her screenplays have been recognized by many competitions including Larry Brody's TVWRITER.COM Spec Scriptacular, the Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Competition, the Feel Good Film Festival, The Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Yosemite Film Festival. You can check out her freelance website at jenndlugos.com and her screenwriting website at thescriptscribe.com .