Call for Submissions

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Attention all writers! The Mug of Woe gals, Kyle Cranston and Jenn Dlugos, are at it again! We are currently accepting submissions for our newest hysterical compilation of truly hilarious stories:Mug of Woe 2

The original Mug of Woe offered writers an opportunity to write about their funniest, embarrassing, and cringe-worthy moments. Five Woe books later, and it's very clear that none of you people have learned your lesson. So, it's time for a followup book of general, hilarious woe -- Mug of Woe 2.  

All topics of woe accepted.  Tell us about your bad date, that horrendous family vacation, or that time you embarrassed yourself in public (again).  If you have a TRUE, funny, awkward, or downright embarrassing story, we want to read it!  

Ready to submit your story to us? Here's what you need to do:
  • Write your story.
  • Keep it "around" 1200 words (we do accept stories shorter and longer, but that's the average word count).
  • Please format your piece on a MS word document using the following:
    • Veranda 10 point font
    • Single spaced
    • DO NOT send us your story in the body of an email. Please, this makes Kyle's blood pressure rise during the book compiling process and she will hold a grudge against you forever. 
  • Include a one-paragraph bio with your submission and a funky picture you don't mind us posting on this site. Once again, please don't forget to include this. This makes Kyle angry, and you won't like her when she's angry. (Jenn's drink of choice is tequila, so she's always angry.) 
  • Email your essays to by Feb 28, 2015
Please send us ALL of the above, including your picture (or one you want to represent you when you're the featured author of the week) and your bio, even if you think we have these items. Even if you're one of our best friends. Even if you've been in every single edition of this book. Pretty please with sugar on top. Failure to follow these directions will seriously make Kyle cry.*

*Jenn will just take an extra shot of tequila. 

Looking forward to reading your stories of woe!