Foreword for Mug of Woe

“Wanna hear something awfully funny?” Kyle asked Jenn one Friday evening while the two were road trippin’ it to Vermont for a Writers’ Weekend.

“Seriously? No one needs eight hours of the Bee Gees,” Jenn grunted, irritated with the Internet radio station options on her iPhone. 

“My brother’s dog was the flower girl in his wedding, but I wasn’t asked to be in the bridal party.”

“Now, that is a story you should write.”    

“No one would publish that,” Kyle retorted. “Publishers want uplifting stories that inspire people and bring them hope.”

“These publishers were obviously never trapped in a car listening to Bee Gees Radio.”    

Kyle tapped the steering wheel deep in thought. “Who would be willing to publish stories about personal woe?”  

Jenn shrugged. “What about us?” 

And Mug of Woe was born. 

You have in your precious little hands a collection of hilarious, awkward, and shocking accounts of disappointment, embarrassment, humility, and most importantly, woe.

Tales of the Woeforce presents examples of what can and will go wrong while on the job, from having to stay in a sketchy hotel in the slums of Washington, D.C. to bosses who simply don’t like your hair…or lack thereof.

In Woe of the Wild you’ll find stories from being trapped on your porch by a rabid raccoon to digging a purring cat out of your bathroom wall.

The Woes of Dating will teach you what not to say on a blind date and why you shouldn't find your better half at the tuberculosis clinic.

Family Is Not a Name; It's a Big Bag of Woe will make you grateful for the family you have, unless your family accuses you of elder abuse.

Woe is Me is full of woeful accounts demonstrating when not-so-awesome things happen to good people, such as surgery in a not-so-fun place.

In Woefully Awkward, you'll thank your lucky stars that you haven’t suffered a case of mistaken identity and you still have your front tooth. 

What the Woe? will make your jaw drop as you think, these stories can’t possibly be true. Trust us, they are!  

So, sit back. Relax. And enjoy these tales, for they shall make you realize just how awesome your life actually is.

Copyright 2011, All rights reserved.